Why We Do It

After analyzing the game of football in our area, we determined that we cannot fix it all. Our youth system is driven by money and status, our leagues are too exclusive, we focus on the wrong things when it comes to development, and the list goes on! SEFT FC was formed to help tackle the heart of the problem! SEFT FC will focus on the begin and end of the the grassroots spectrum!

We will be putting together a developmental club and a men's club! The developmental club will focus on kids U5-U11. We have a proven track record of guiding players from their first kick to their first MLS academy! Our first process has seen dozens of players play at the MLS academy level. Now our goal will be to start a club that follows this process in order to develop elite footballers nonstop! 

Our men's club will focus on men who have completed their youth careers and are looking to take their next step! SEFT has a vast network of professional clubs and agents that will help give undiscovered talent an opportunity to be seen without going through all the scam programs that exist today! We will also be providing our members coaching opportunities and career exposure through our professional network!

SEFT FC will be a leading club in our country!